Thomas Apiculture Prinox Quadra 4 Frame HD

Designed and manufactured under the Thomas Apiculture specifications, the wide range of Prinox extractors meets the needs of all amateur beekeepers, whether they are beginners or experienced and at an unbeatable price! In order to provide great comfort of use and improve their longevity, the whole range of our Prinox extractors is now available with: - 3 removable feet in high resistance U painted steel, - 1 rolled edge, - 2 reinforcing steel straps at the top and bottom of the tank ensuring a perfect robustness of the whole, - 1 valve with plastic food flap 40/49, - 2 plexiglass covers, - - Reinforced steel gears under casing. The "QUADRA" extractor allows to extract 4 frames in tangential mode. It is recommended for beekeepers with between 1 and 20 hives.

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Thomas Apriculture Prinox Quadra 4 frame HD $499.95